Monday, February 12, 2007

Entrelac scarf

Here is my scarf. This is almost one skein of the Noro, 2 more to go. Not sure I like those 2 little spots of brown, but nothing I can do now. I finally broke down and bought (another) pair of Addi Turbos, I just couldn't knit another stitch with my other circulars, it was no fun. So that brings my total to 4 Addi Turbos (big bucks I tell ya). But I love them and use them lots, so it is worth it.

What else, I am almost finished with my ITE III tote, I should be able to send late this week or early next. It isn't due until mid-March, but might as well get it finished and out the door.

I won a contest at Whoduknit yesterday, I guessed the closest to the number of knitting needles in the pot :), some bamboo dpn's are on the way to me (my favorite for making socks and mittens).
Heard back from sp10, I'm in!! Yea.
Finally, my preschool teacher is ill (I'm the assistant) and I will be teaching class tomorrow (and maybe Thursday). Pray for me, and for her to be back on her feet soon.


ann said...

try to find inox turbo express circulars. They are maybe 5 or 6 bucks and I like them as much if not better than addis. Look on ebay if nowhere in your area.

Jane said...

I mailed your dpns out to you today. Hope you survived preschool!

Jane said...

Your scarf is looking great! We are going to have to put together a composite of everyone wearing their scarves LOL.