Friday, July 18, 2008

ack! vacation soon!

Yes, the family vacation is fast approaching. I have settled on the following knitting projects:

BareNakedLacy Socks by Nancy Degener and Broadripple Socks by Rob Matyska.
Also taking an extra skein of Cascade Fixation to make anklets, if those get finished.

Also will take the last 3 books from the Outlander series.

And the ipod filled with Stuck in the 80's and Stash and Burn podcasts.

That should cover me for the 10 hour ride there, a week in the wilderness; plus the hour drive it takes to get anywhere, and the 10 hour ride home.


lauriec said...

Oooh, I love stuck in the 80s!!

Have a wonderful time!!

LeslieJ said...

yes, I know you do! That's how I heard about them, from one of your blog posts :)
hope all is well