Saturday, September 08, 2007

Well, she told me

This post is for sister :) enjoy the snacks while I type away.

There is not much to report; school (work) started on Tuesday. I have been so tired, I have not been able to knit (until today). I finished 1 Monkey sock, and cast on for its mate a few hours ago.

The boys seem happy to be back in school, I, on the other hand, could do with a few more weeks of vacation :) The weather has been very nice, so it makes it hard to go to work. I worked the first lunch of the year, processed $4000.00 (lunch money) and had the meet & greet at preschool, then had to babysit for the board meeting. PHEW. Any wonder why I had no energy to knit?? This week should be better.
And the best news??? U of M LOST AGAIN!!! oh yea, and MSU won.


Sister! said...

Thanks for updating the picture. Did you know I've vacationed in Boone, NC several times, where Appalachian State is located?

Don't forget, I am going to the Wisconsin/MSU game in a few weeks. Hubby says I have to wear RED but I may sneak some GREEN into the stadium.

lauriec said...

Go Spartans!!!!

Island Folk said...

What is that orange colour dish in the middle of the pic? It looks great & delicious with the biscuit. Oh I'm hungry now...