Monday, September 17, 2007

Entry #2 - KIDS!!!

Ok, so my kids have no clue as to what I do all day long. Here is the conversation we had today after I picked them up from school:

son #1: I am so tired.
me: I am tired too.
son #2: Why are you so tired? All you do is sit and push buttons in the lunchroom!
me: WHAT!? Do you know what I did today?
son #2: What? You just sat and pushed buttons.
me: I stripped 3 beds, put 1 load in washer, drove you to school (early as he is a safety), went to the gym (walked 2.5 miles), came home, put load in dryer, took shower, took load out of dryer, put sheets on bed, went to work (2.5 hours where I pushed all those buttons), came home, put another load in the washer, went to dentist, ran errands, came home, dropped of the purchases, put load in dryer, drove back to school to pick you up. Then when we get home: finish putting sheets on beds, get dinner ready, fight with you and your brother to do homework, make dinner, clean up dinner, drop you off at Papa's, go back to school for 2 hours for curriculum night, pick you up, have you take showers (tomorrow is picture day) put you to bed, get ready for tomorrow (make sure everything is packed) and then I'll be ready for bed.
son #2: well, I know how you can make it easier;

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