Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh My

Well, the house is quiet, I have had my coffee and I have 3 hours of peace and quiet, why is this? Oh yes, school started today and the boys are gone! and I don't have to start back to work until tomorrow. The sun has set on a wonderful summer vacation, how many days until the next one?

We had a nice weekend, what with the MSU home opener on Saturday (we were there) and that other blow out down in Ann Arbor YES. It was great, plus, we can watch it again tonight on FSN! But it will be on too late for me.

SP is going great, I've sent my first package to my pal, but I've not heard much from my upstream, just a comment on my blog, hope she is out there lurking!

Monkey sock is moving along quickly, I should be able to finish the first sock this week.

I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS TODAY !!! CLICK HERE to wish a very special someone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I won't say which birthday, but it does start with 4 and end with a 0. xoxo

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