Monday, April 16, 2007

What to knit?

So, I seem to be in a knitting rut, don't feel like making socks anymore (GASP!! I have all that gorgeous Lorna's Laces that hubby brought from CA - don't worry, I'll use it). I like the Cascade Fixation, quick and easy to make a pair of socks in about 2 days. I have even pondered knitting a dishcloth! Trying to find a purse pattern I like, as hubby commented "Of all the purses you make, you had to go out to Target and buy one??" So, I have a pair of CF on the needles and a pair of LL, I go back and forth daily, trying to finish them. So as I am blogging this afternoon the wonderful ladies from MDK blog about this and feel inspired to use some of the stash I received this past month. I will make some mitts and maybe a hat from the brown alpaca yarn. I hope I can do it, the deadline to ship is Mother's Day. Won't you help?
Also, my birthday is not until next week, so all you pals, you are not late :)
and I think my sp10 figured me out.


Jane said...

Can I inspire you to knit a square for the Whoduknit charity blanket LOL!

Anne said...

I know just what you mean! The nice thing with a dish cloth is it's quick and gives some instant gratification while you decide where to move next :D