Friday, December 22, 2006


So, I finally finished the "It felt random" tote last night; don't feel quite up to starting to finish the mitts yet, as I have to start making dinner soon; so I'm sitting on the couch, reading a book (something by The Yarn Harlot) hubby says "Aren't you going to knit??"


Here is the finished tote, wondering if I should shrink it somemore? It is going to be my library book bag.

TA-DA 2 finished mitts!!! The first is big and loose, the second looks much better, though it is about 1" smaller. uugghh. Oh well, first try.

This leads me to how I am going to approach socks...I am going to try making 2 socks at the SAME TIME on some really long circular needles. I am printing 6 pages of instructions...go to the "My first toe ups" blogs to see what I'm taking about.

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