Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day!!!

An early start to the Christmas Break!!
and now we know for sure that it will be a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year!!

So, what did I do on this 1st snow day? Not much. I could have done a lot:

could have cast on and made the mate for the sock that has been sitting since OCTOBER!!!
could have cast on another "gift" with the leftovers from the other 3
could have worked on the much dusty Modern Quilt Wrap
could have cast on another pair of Basic Mittens

Here is what I did:

wrapped the presents to ME from HUBBY
cleaned the downstairs, a little bit
read an old magazine
took a nap
watched Enchanted

and I did all this ALONE, as the boys were outside, trying to shovel, from 10-12, then came in for a quick lunch, then off to their friends house for video games and movies from 1-5. What a great mom she is!! :)

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