Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am so completely wrapped up in the Twilight Saga!!!

I read Twilight a few months ago. Due to a mix up on the book order form, I received Twilight AGAIN last month, not New Moon (ugghh). I was able to borrow New Moon from my friend. I read/finished that on Sunday. It was so good, I re-read the last half Monday morning, then started Eclipse Monday evening, I finished that one last night. I am on my way to purchase New Dawn later this morning.

the book was gone!
It was there last week (Sam's), I held it in my hands :(
I will wait for my friend to buy it for me (Costco)
While I wait, I'll re-read the others :).
They did have New Moon, so I bought it.
My collection will be complete. soon. like maybe tomorrow. I hope.

I am torn about reading the last book, it will be exciting to see how it turns out, but I am sad to see the story end. I am not sure if there is a book 5.

Tilted Duster news:
The grandma received the yarn on Friday and I was told yesterday that the front and 1 sleeve was finished!!!


sister said...

you are a book geek.

and I am so excited to see your new vacuum!!! :-)

LeslieJ said...

You know it! and you'd BETTER like these books when I hand them off to you.