Friday, November 14, 2008

Sister says..........

I am a book geek :), so be it.
When I find a series I like, I totally lose myself in it.
No cooking, no cleaning, no nothing!!

Guess what!!

The Grandma came to preschool yesterday to show me the progress on the vacuum (as sister says), Tilted Duster for the rest of us.

She has about 4" to go on the body, the other sleeve and the neck.
I'm thinking by next week it'll be ready to wear.


Sister on location in Green Bay said...

I am thinking that if your new vacuum is so great, I will need one for myself.........what are the chances? ;-)

LeslieJ said...

maybe you can borrow mine when you are here during xmas. i don't know if i can ask her to make ANOTHER one :)

sister said...

how can I change that generic grey head into a pretty picture when I leave you a message?

LeslieJ said...

go into your profile and upload a picture. it should have directions, otherwise send me, via email your info and i'll try to do it for you