Tuesday, June 17, 2008

11:32, the official start......

of summer vacation! Last day for son #1 in grade school, "and mom is going to cry" he announced as he left the van....sorry, no crying, maybe next year for the start of Middle School.

Sadly, I will be spending my last child-free hours attending the funeral of a family friend. She had been diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live, she fought for 2 1/2 years! She will be missed.

Look at what was hanging around our screen door yesterday, kinda creepy, the boys made me keep the door shut until it left.

Time to crank up the summer knitting!! Here is the progress on the Flirty Tank: I have put it away, for now, and gone back to the socks. I have missed them so!! I must finish the Roundabouts for Mother, she is returning from Germany on the 29th and I want to give them to her as her "welcome home" gift.

I have received my copy of Melissa Morgan-Oakes new book 2 socks-at-the-same time and my size 1 and size 2 40" needles....go figure, the majority of the patterns are written for size 3 and 4....but I don't like socks made with thick yarn, so I'm sure to modify the patterns to fit my taste :)

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