Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from mini-vacation

More to come later, but hubby and I have returned from the family wedding in oh-so-rainy Fort Lauderdale :)

Wed - Yes, we went on a mini-vacation; we attended our nephew's wedding in Florida. Our first trip away from the kids in almost 4 years. It was very nice and relaxing. We had debated about taking the kids, but in hindsight, we made a great call in not taking them. They had much more fun staying home with their friends. We got to enjoy the festivities without worrying about keeping them entertained.

As noted earlier, it rains, A LOT, in Florida, in June. Rained upon arrival on Friday, but cleared up for the dinner at 7:30. Was GORGEOUS all day Saturday; we even ran into my best friend from high school, no kidding, in the Denny's down the street! She was there with her family for a cruise!! We ended up spending the afternoon at their hotel, on the beach and in the water with beverages.

Ceremony was at 5, getting dark and ominous...thunder throughout the service...they got married, took a few pictures then the downpour! The reception was moved inside. Very fun.

Sunday was wasted in the car, drove to Key Largo, did not know there were not nice beaches...drove back to the hotel via Miami, was looking for the end of 41, major thunderstorm on the highway. Ugh, spent the last night in the hotel room with room service pizza and a baseball game.

When we left on Monday, skies were looking very blue!

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