Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School over :)

Yes, the preschool year has ended; we had our final school picnic today. The "big school" does not get out until June 17, so I have a few days of peace and quiet.
So, that means I will have lots and lots of time to knit, not. I'm still cruising along with the Socks from Stash group, I started June's socks early and they are progressing nicely. I picked up the green LL's today and while I was there, signed up for a class to make this:

and it's NOT SOCKS! Can you believe it?? I wonder how long it will take me? It's done mostly in the round, so that's good, BUT it has 200 stitches! AACCKKK, I have trouble casting on 60 for a sock, how will I manage 200?? Plus I have to do a swatch and make sure I can get guage. Good times, good times. Should make for an interesting summer.

You will notice it is green, that is only because I signed up 2 weeks late for the class and that is the only color they had left that had enough skeins.

Still waiting for my Monkey sock swap package from my pal and also waiting and wondering if my pal ever received my package :( it was sent out early May and I was told 2 weeks to Canada...I've been able to track it as far as Alberta and that's it.

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Knittin' Diva said...

I love the pattern for the tank. I think you'll enjoy knitting something other than socks. It's always nice when someone compliments what you are wearing, and you knit it yourself. Be sure to post pics :-) Enjoy your quiet time.