Saturday, May 03, 2008

On the road....

Yes, I have FINALLY made it to sister's house. What an adventure!

8:00am - drop boys off at school, drive directly to airport
9:00am - arrive at off-site parking, take shuttle to terminal
9:15ish - get through security with (2) 24" circular needles (bonus)
Plenty of time to sit and knit while waiting to load plane at 10:33

10:20 - no plane, so pack up knitting and buy a magazine and bag of pretzels
10:45 - load onto plane, shut doors, pilot announces: numerous storms in Chicago, we will not be leaving for AT LEAST AN HOUR!!! why the f*&^ did they hurry us onto the plane???, continue knitting on sock, must stop as I'm close to toe decrease and don't know if it is the correct length
11:45 - still storms, will be another hour, eat pretzels
12:45 - should be leaving in approx 20 minutes as now there are storms coming into Detroit and they want to get us out.
1:00 - leave gate YEA, sit in line
1:30 - FINALLY take off (original take off time 11:03)
VERY BUMPY ride, they had to pass out the drinks in 2 different shifts, then you only had 10 minutes to drink before they had to clean up for landing (gotta love those hour flights)
2:30/1:30 local time - arrive in Chicago, find sister, have lunch and beverage

Oh brother 4 hour flight from Detroit to Chicago, I cannot wait for the return flight tomorrow!
Off to explore the city.

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