Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh My Golly!!!

Here is a package I received in the mail today from my GREAT friend BetteM! What could be inside?? Look at that cute knit tree, and her with a busted up hand and everything :)

First, yummy monster-type cookies and ooey-gooey caramel chocolate almond candy! I quickly ran out to the mailbox to offer some to the mailman. He is ever so patient with me and my constant "any packages for me today??" Today, he saw me outside, stopped the mail truck and delivered the package FIRST!! Then went to do all the other mail. What a guy.

Inside the wrapping paper...this great roomy GREEN knitting bag...she had mentioned earlier "don't forget to check ALL the pockets!"

Here is a peak inside the bag...look at all the great stuff hiding inside...

And here, finally, is all the great stuff!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH BETTE!!! This made my day and everything is wonderful.

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JL said...

Oh, indeed an awesome gift!