Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, here it is Thursday and I have not been able to work on Tuesday's purse. This new job is really putting the kabash (?) on knitting time :). I was at orientation Tues and Wed night, this is prime knitting time, I sit and watch the Tigers and knit knit knit. Not so this week. Hopefully this will be finished tonight, no meetings, only have to take son #1 to the hockey rink for practice. I have an order for 2 green purses, I bought the yarn yesterday so it is sitting and waiting. Then there is another order after that. Man oh man....both jobs start next week, so no knitting what-so-ever during the day.

This purse will be the test for the magnetic closures. The ladies at had a lot of good ideas for hiding the hardware. Big purchase yesterday, hot glue gun. We'll see how it goes.

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Kelly said...

Tibbles! Have fun with your glue gun and don't glue your fingers together. Now you can make wine-cork wreaths, Holiday decorations, fix broken toys, and on and on and on. xoxo, Mimi