Friday, August 14, 2009

Back from banishment

and it really wasn't so bad, until the end, that is.

Weather was nice, low 70's and sunshine, I actually put on the bathing suit top for about an hour. Mornings started out cloudy and overcast, but by noon, everything was clear. We did lots of stuff (going into town) on Saturday, spent lots of money and drank some good cold beverages!! Also ate yummy pizza.

I only read 2 books and 1 magazine, did most of the knitting in the car. Relatives were there, so I couldn't ignore them!

Coming home was a trip, son #2 got hurt in the bush, so we packed up and rushed out at 2pm and drove all.the.way.through, arriving home at 12:30am (2 stops).

But, things are getting back to normal, laundry is done and I suppose I should go grocery shopping!!!

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