Saturday, February 07, 2009

She is so bossy

Sister says I need to update the blog
Sister says she is tired of looking at the socks

Maybe Sister should try and come up with witty and exciting things to talk about if she has that much time on her hands :)


I was home with a sick child for 2 days this week. I did a lot of nothing.
Read a book, did lots of laundry, started a new sock.
I am using what I thought was solid pink yarn, but it isn't, there is sort of a stripey thing going on (2 different shades)

I'm not happy about that.

Maybe I'll give Sister the not-solid-pink socks; then she can put them on her Facebook page, 'cuz I think that is where she is spending all her time lately, she sure isn't calling me.


Sister said...

My 5 facebook friends keep me very busy, so you better look out before you get put on the naughty list!

p.s. Thanks for the update :-)

lauriec said...

Sorry about the sick boy. Nothing worse than being stuck at home all day w/ a sick little one (or in your case, not so little).