Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purchasing new yarn OH NO

Another pretty vacation picture:

Yes, I must admit, I did purchase more sock yarn this week!

I have been wanting to make the Garter Heel socks (Vogue), but did not have the yarn specified in the pattern, oh boy, while out with mother for her birthday lunch, we stopped at the LYS, lo and behold, they had the yarn (Louet Gems Opal).

Few days later, taking said yarn to the other LYS to have wound into balls (along with some Lorna's Laces I purchased for mother for her birthday - she is now making socks)I came upon Plymouth Yarn's Happy Feet! I was going to purchase online, but why pay for shipping when it is right there in front of me! So left that, along with the LL and the Louet. Picked them all up on Friday, so the stash has grown.

Back to mother and her socks. She cast on a pair of socks 2 winters ago. Frogged them 3 times, tried 3 different patterns and finally finished the one sock 2 weeks ago. She then cast on the 2nd sock and finished it in 2 DAYS!! (she has been knitting for years and is very fast, but had not attempted socks). She is now making her 2nd pair. I have her hooked on Lorna's Laces. But she only knits in the winter, as it makes her "hot". Now, how can knitting itty bitty socks make one hot? I knit them all year round.

Never mind, I am still up on her by 2 pair this year :)thanks to Socks from Stash.
I have finished the first Monkey sock for MS4, so off to the mate and I can make the swap deadline!!


Anonymous said...

Finally a new post! I thought maybe you were trapped under something heavy and couldn't get to the comptuer. xoxo. Sister

LeslieJ said...

yes, i was trapped under laundry, sock yarn and hockey bags!!

Patty (knitgirl63) said...

That is incredibly fast, I'm a putz when it comes to socks. But I think when the right pattern is found that really makes a difference, :-)