Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally, something finished

Here is My So Called Scarf, it took me 1 day short of a month to finish it. I found it very slow going in the beginning, which is why I set it aside, and for some reason, I took it to hockey on Sunday, and I found the pattern very hypnotic (?)
I finished it last night. It is not too long, and I added the fringe to cover up the cast on and cast off rows. I now have matching hat, scarf and mitts :)

Now, if I could only get the groove going on the 2nd Flame Wave sock. I made sock #1 in about 3 days, they are my March socks, but #1 was finished before the end of February!! I don't care much for the dpn's (I almost always only knit with 2 circs), so it is slow going.

Hoping to have them done before vacation, but if not, I'll take them with me.

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Knittin' Diva said...

Love the colors! I didn't get the impression you were big on pink, but it sure does look good on you. It took me forever to finish my 2 scarves too...they're just so darned boring. Have a good trip if I don't talk to you before :-)