Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here is the 2nd pair of fetchings. I cast #1 on 12/31 and finished #2 01/02 :) Very fast and very fun. I am using stash yarn to make them, and the top of them are about the same color as the couch, so you can't see them all that well. But you are able to see the nice cables on the bottom. I modified the pattern a bit for this worsted weight yarn, instead of 45 stitches, I cast on 30.

Here is what is left of the stash; I can use this to make more pairs. Why all this stash knitting?? Well, myself, along with lots of Ravelry friends, have joined the 2008 Burnin up the stash group. No buying any new yarn for projects, until all the stash is gone....wonder how long I will last? I do have quite a bit of yarn; mostly for socks...must find other uses for sock yarn.

Time to clean the slate and start fresh for 2008:

I knit 18 pairs of socks (can you believe it LaurieC???)
I knit 20 misc. other projects
I read 48 books, WOW, that is almost a book a week! (I am currently reading T is for Trespass, so that will be the first finished book of 2008)
I had 152 posts last year!

And, I learned how to do the following:

make socks :)
turn a heel (I LOVE IT)
make a short row heel (not so much love)
how to make cables
long tail cast on (goes with socks)
cable cast on
how to follow a pattern with a diagram
how to modify a pattern
3 needle bind off (or whatever that is that you use on the Fiber Trends clogs)
I am so proud of myself.


Knittin' Diva said...

Rock on Chickadee, and keep that Stash A Burnin'!! I love your fetchings, and I'm so proud of you for doing cables AND lace in 2007!! WooHOo!!

crochetoholic Debb said...

Oh my gosh I need to do the same. It would take me an awful long time to burn up my whole stash, but I love the challenge of finding projects to make with what I have.

Phyl said...

Hey there!

I'm your Crochetoholic swap partner for January and saw your wish list dated Feb. 2007. Before I shop, I wondered if there were any things you'd like to update. Please let me know because I know things can change in a year!


lauriec said...

You are sock knitting super star!!!!! I am so proud of you!