Friday, October 27, 2006

A tale of 3 purses

Ok, so today (and yesterday) I am very annoyed with all this purse making. I made sister's brown purse and everything was fine. I felted it and shipped it off, she is happy. I finished Deanna's purse and NOTHING HAS GONE RIGHT. I put it in the washer to felt it; somehow the handles got wrapped around the agitator-thingy and the poor purse strangled itself, this has NEVER happened to me before, 2nd trip through the washer it got straightened out (or so I thought). When it dried, one handle is longer than the other and one side is taller and it is all bent out of shape. Called Deanna, told her the problem, said I would try to fix....3rd trip through the washer, just smaller and tighter, BUT STILL CROOKED AND ONE HANDLE LONGER.UUUGGGHHH
So, this morning I took the purse so she could see it, not acceptable, which is fine, I wouldn't sell it to her as is, but I wanted her to see the colors. She did LOVE my green purse that I made from leftover yarn and bought it off my shoulder!! So I switched all my stuff to the still wet, very crooked brown purse and off I went.
Placed an order with Yarnies for new yarn to make a new purse. My head hurts and I have to go to work.
Here is the crooked purse and the green purse (my favorite, I'll just have to make another, this time with leftover purple yarn).

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Jane said...

Love the green purse! Do you put your bags in a zippered pillow case when you felt them? That would prevent the handles from wrapping around the agitator-thingy.