Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pinky pink

Finally, a new bright color purse, not that there's anything wrong with brown and black and green. This purse is for Maggie in IL, she is also getting the brown purse from yesterday. Hoping this is all dry by tomorrow so that my sister can take home with her (instead of mailing). This was made with Lamb's Pride Bulky Lotus Pink M38 and Victorian Pink M34.

I used the pillowcase felting method on this purse and the brown one. I think it has an effect on the shape, don't know if I like it....but it sure cuts down on all the fuzzies in the washer and I don't have to shave the purses at the end :)

Next up: red, then brown and black and brown and brown :) But first, off to the Packers/Lions game tomorrow, here's to fun in the sun, I mean rain.

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